Get the most out of Amazon Web Services

AWS cloud professional services from Ensar include:

  • Infrastructure and application migration to AWS from anywhere, including your internal data center or another public cloud provider like Azure, and Google Compute Engine.
  • Deployment of new infrastructure and applications on AWS.
  • Application development to build and deploy resilient cloud applications at scale.
  • Automation of your entire cloud infrastructure using the latest tools from AWS, Chef, Docker, and more.
  • Cloud managed services to supplement and extend your existing IT and operations teams.
  • Big data services that enable your cloud applications to stream, store, and process vast amounts of data.
  • Cloud security, governance, and compliance best practices implementation.

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Managed AWS services


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Deploy new applications and infrastructure to the cloud

Cloud infrastructure and application deployment initiatives include:

  • Strategy and roadmap to facilitate decisions such as how cloud can best be used for your organization, which applications are a best fit for cloud, and whether a proof of concept is needed.
  • Architecture audit and design to gather requirements, create logical and network diagrams, and create cloud architecture documents.
  • Development with a DevOps approach using proven, cutting-edge cloud technologies including automation with Amazon CloudFormation, Chef, and Docker.
  • Integration with existing systems and applications in your data center.
  • Testing of all functionality at scale and high load.
  • Deployment of the new cloud production, staging, and test environments.
  • Full documentation of your new cloud infrastructure to enable a smooth handoff to your team. If your team needs ongoing support after launch, we offer multiple levels of cloud managed services.

Big Data solutions for advanced use cases

We offer the full range of big data services including architecture design and infrastructure migration, data integration, systems integration, automation, management, and application development using AWS Big Data services. Our big data solutions are scalable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Big data projects have included:

  • Recommendation engine for a top national newspaper. Solution includes Amazon EMR, Kinesis, DynamoDB, and RDS for high volume transaction processing, data consumption and storage, analysis, and creation of recommendations.
  • Big Data Internet of Things system to enable speedy processing of incoming data from an IoT company‚Äôs home automation devices.
  • Internal business analytics platform for an online curriculum solution using Amazon Redshift and Kinesis.
  • Self-service portal to create custom demo environments that integrate customer interaction datasets for specific prospects. This was for a SaaS customer insights and analytics platform. Used Amazon S3, RDS, EBS, and other AWS communication services such as SQS to streamline and automate data transfers. Learn more about cloud self-service.
  • Product and user interaction data stored in scalable MySQL databases using RDS for high-traffic ecommerce and entertainment websites.

We utilize powerful AWS Big Data services in the majority of our projects to enable our clients to stream, store, and process vast amounts of data for their customer-facing applications:

  • Amazon Aurora MySQL compatible database engine with all the capabilities of commercial databases and up to five times better performance at significantly lower cost.
  • Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) to process data from external sources using Hadoop.
  • Amazon Kinesis to consume and process data with real-time streams.
  • Amazon Redshift for a fast and powerful cloud-based data warehouse.
  • Amazon S3 for analysis, backup, and content data storage.
  • Amazon RDS for a scalable MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL database in the cloud.
  • Amazon DynamoDB for a scalable NoSQL database in the cloud.
  • Amazon SQS, SNS, and other AWS communication services help automate and streamline data transfers and processing.

Ensar also works with open source and enterprise big data solutions including Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, Hadoop, MongoDB, and Voldemort.

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