SharePoint Design & Development

Microsoft SharePoint focuses on various implementations whether they exist on premises, in the cloud, or a combination of the two. With the focus now on social collaboration and the ability to share content in a variety of ways, how you build your implementation will define how users can share, organize, discover, build, and manage ideas and content in a SharePoint environment.

Business-Critical SharePoint

As a decision maker, you might sometimes feel that you don't have enough information about the effectiveness and compliance of core business processes in your organization. You might need to make decisions and manage risk without having the full information at your fingertips. Did you know that SharePoint can be used to provide visibility across the entire enterprise?


Change is the new constant. Yammer is a private social network that helps you and your company stay on top of it all. Yammer collaboration software and business applications allow you to get connected to the right people, share information across teams and organize around projects so you can go further faster.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Flexible management options ensure that you still retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organization. You can purchase SharePoint in the cloud as a standalone offering or as part of an Office 365 suite where you could also get access to Exchange, Lync, the Office clients and web apps.


SharePoint is the place to share ideas, content and the vision of your company. It's scalable enough to organize and manage all your information assets but it's also designed to organize and store documents to enable personal productivity, keep teams' in sync, and projects on track. It's where you go to discover experts, share knowledge and uncover connections to information and people. It's a hub for developers to build and deploy modern apps and for designers to build eye-catching websites. And because its built in the cloud IT Pros can manage cost, and meet the demands of compliance to manage risk.

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