Analytics is characterized by a bewildering array of rapidly evolving technologies. Our platform advisory services can help you put the right components in place.

Analytical Software Adaptation

From general open source and proprietary software, such as Python, R, and SAS, to the more recent machine learning frameworks, we know how to match the science to the data.


We work with your IT resources, be they internal or consultants, to recommend supporting technologies such as data lake solutions, distributed computing technologies, and cloud service providers.

Collaborative Analytics Lab

Get hands-on experience with software you are considering on a real platform, with real use cases, guided by consultants from Ensar at your side.

Typical problems we help you to solve

Some of the challenges and issues that you may be encountering:

  • You have incumbent channel-centric technologies which cannot give you the granularity or cross-channel completeness of data that you need today.
  • Much of customer data that you collect is 3rd party, reducing your ability to control and access your data and increasing your regulatory risk.
  • You can’t understand context around behaviours because you lack data about what customers experienced e.g. order of flights shown or stock levels indicated.
  • You are missing the real-time data you need to power customer interactions through website personalisation and multi-channel marketing communications.
  • You spend too much time and money capturing, integrating and wrangling data rather than analysing and driving business value from it.
  • Your single customer view initiative has stalled whilst your competitors and industry disruptors are moving ahead at speed and impacting your success.
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