Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services let you build intelligent apps with powerful algorithms using just a few lines of code.

Google AI provides modern machine learning services, with pre-trained models and a service to generate your own tailored models.

IBM Watson can transform the way your organization thinks, behaves and operates for better business outcomes. Working with Watson is an investment in an AI system built for business.

Amazon AI add intelligence to any application with a diverse selection of pre-trained services that provide computer vision, speech, language analysis, and chatbot functionality.


  • Computer vision:  identification and classification of images and videos
  • Predictive maintenance:  alerting to when a machine may have a fault or failure
  • Anomaly detection for sensors and event recorders
  • Fraud detection
  • Speech recognition (Siri & “OK Google”)
  • Document classification
  • Customer analytics: attrition prediction; targeted marketing; segmentation
  • Recommender systems (“you might be interested in”)
  • Cybersecurity: hacker intrusion and malware detection


  • Sales forecasting using Tensorflow, and Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN).
  • Self Normalizing Networks(SNN) with Selu activation.
  • Random forest with Grid Search
  • Distributed model training on GPU
  • Computer Vision by OpenCV, CNN, YOLO


  • Topic Modelling, Word2Vec, Lexical Analysis, Sentiment Detection
  • TF-IDF classification
  • Clustering and Named Entity Recognition to extract key information from text
  • Distributed model training on GPU
  • Automatic Tagging
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